Lynx Toolbox

Lynx Toolbox

This online toolbox helps you to manage your Lynx device directly from a compatible web browser, on any platform.

With this toolbox, you can install apps (.apk), update your device, browse the filesystem easily and perform other actions on your Lynx headset.


  1. Make sure your Lynx device has adb and File transfer over USB enabled. You can enable this in the Launcher app and go to the Settings panel.
  2. Plug your Lynx to your computer with the best USB cable you have (use preferably a USB-C connection for rapid file transfer)
  3. Open this page and click on "Add" in the navigation bar. You should see your Lynx device in the list of available devices.
  4. Click on "Connect" in the navigation bar. Now you should be able to browse the different panels and access all functions.


Currently, Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera) support the WebUSB API. As mentioned before, it's unlikely for Firefox to implement it.

Chromium installed on Ubuntu via Snap or Flatpack won't work well with WebUSB.


Got "Unable to claim interface" error

One USB device can only be accessed by one application at a time. Please make sure:

  1. Official ADB server is not running (stop it by adb kill-server).
  2. No other Android management tools are running.
  3. No other WebADB tabs have already connected to your device.

Is there a way to contribute?

Yes, this tool is hugely derived from the repository of this awesome project. We advise you to contribute to this project directly, as we base our work from there, with very minor adjustments specific for Lynx.

Security concerns

Accessing USB devices directly from a web page can be dangerous. Firefox developers even refused to implement the WebUSB standard because they considered it to be harmful.

Lynx is providing this tool without any tracking system or identifying method. This tool is provided online, but as the best sign of trust, you can also download it to use it in your browser in an offline manner.

Find the latest version on our Downloads section in our Portal.